Loki says…

Well… Loki says a lot of things. About any subjects. You will find His words of wisdom on this site… I often say random stuff to Him and sometimes He does answer. Sometimes deep, sometimes impertinent… but that’s what Loki says.

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That's what Loki says...
That’s what Loki says…

Story time.

When I was 14, my dad gifted me with a book on mythology of all over the world. The only one I truly dig was the Norse Mythology, the only character that truly interested me was Loki. I can’t remember exactly why but I became obsessed with his stories and character. I liked the fact that he would create and follow through stories. Funny enough I did not find his trickster nature to be off putting. Au contraire. I was like “Woah! this guy is so clever! How come they always mad at him?” LOL. I remember there was a time I called everyone of my new characters or pets or whatever I could name Loki. I definitively still have that Chocobo farm in FF7 full of Lokies on my PS1 memory card. 😀

True, I didn’t have the full stories, I didn’t read Lokasenna (the best version would be this one) or knew the pulls and twists of the Ragnarok at that time (hey, it was a kid’s book), and honestly, I’m glad that I didn’t. I don’t think I would have related as much to the character if I had read some of the stuff written about Him. Nevertheless, without being even conscious of it, I was mimicking his stories and behavior. And that was HILARIOUS.

Hello, Loki.
Hello, Loki.

My girl crush on Loki eventually came to pass, only to bloom more than a decade later. Fully armed with Nordic Mythology knowledge and a much more interesting outlook on Loki than give His name to stuff I like, I was ready to work with Him. It’s only logical that, as soon as I started doing spirit and dream work, he appeared to me. He was trapped under ice for a long long time and it took me close to a year to gather the tool to free Him. And bind Him to me. And could He blame me? After all, I had learned from the Flame-Hair Himself.



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