Loki says… #14

Me talking to LE partner about the reasons behind the Binding of Loki

him: “But why did he wanted to kill Baldur then?”

me: “…I guess Loki was jealous of him.”

HIM: “Tsss. Definitively NOT JEALOUS.” 

by Sceithailm on DA



All Hail Freja

All Hail Freja,

who demands queenship of your world,

who commands sternness before compassion

who will slap you for falling into illusionary slumbers

who will make you start again without hesitation.

Hail to you and wink to me.  

Freja by Stella Im Hultberg
Freja by Stella Im Hultberg

Frigg Handmaidens

FULLA – Abundance, keeper of mysteries. She has a golden hair band.

GNA – Messenger, transcendence of the worlds. She ride on flying horse, Hòfvarpnir.

LOFN – Permission, says yes to dreaming.She has a golden key.

SYN – Boundaries, keeper of the gates. She is armed with a staff.

VAR – Oath keeper, the power of words. She has a ring on her finger.

SNOTRA – Wisdom and courtesy, comprehension of human nature. She has a linen handkerchief

GEFION – Giver, provider to the god and human. She is seen carrying a cornucopia.

SAGA – Historian, keeper of the ancestor. She read a story book and drinks from a golden goblet.

SJOFN – Affection, weaver of relationships. She wears a pink heart hanging from a golden chain.

HLIN – Refuge, protector of the weak and loved one. She is seen carrying  sword and shield.

VÖR- Seeress, unveiled all secrets. She wears a dark veil.

EIR – Healer, intervene on destiny. Her tools of trade are the pillar and mortar.


July for Loki …

The idea of a month of devotion to a god or goddess is awesome. But I’m not doing it. I wish I could, but I have other crazy promises to keep. Althought, as I am offering booze and fruit to Loki everyday, I guess that could count. no?


Here is some facts about my relationship with Loki.

  • He LOVES “Asgardian” blue. That would be a a mix between turquoise and electric blue. As you can see on the photo, a lot of the things He asks for are blue. He also likes it on me. He said a little poem, something like: “One day I’ll see you, and you’ll be wearing Asgardian blue
  • When I see Him as a Jötun, it’s usually because He wants to teach me magic.
  • When He is in “human” form, He often walks around in chest, long black pants and cowboy boots, or you know, those long pointy comical shoes. Like the true rock star that He is. In a ritual, I offered him a peacock feather, he often wears it as an earring. He has long red hair that often dances like fire.
  • His energy is very subtle and loving, He often whisper in my ears from behind my back.
  • I link the article fox to Him a lot. This totem helped me to break Him free, give Him access to my space.
  • He LOVES riding in my car.
  • He loves when I sing Loki’s song by Mikal the Ram (I wait for Ragnarok in dream, Agh! Is that the battle horn?)

Freja – a Song for a Warrior

I assisted to a Venus invocation on Saturday. At the time, I didn’t realised that it meant connecting to FREJA and the goddess energy. I had few interactions with her, and each time I received very clear messages, but her presence makes me shake in my lokean big-girl short. I tried to explain it to someone the day after. Now… I was pretty much offensive in the wording I used to speak about my relationship with her

“Every time she appears, she wants something from me, she breathes down my neck and terrorizes me. She is time consuming and terrorizing. She doesn’t like to work with Loke, and I much prefer his subtle energy to her brutal one”

The golden hair goddess whose strength of her beauty is only rivaled by the violence of her ire, must not have been very happy with me. I experienced the weirdest fucking things after that. She works fast, the Goddess of war and love. I scrapped my favorite pair of pants and my all-time favorite boots were stolen from my very own porch, I received drinks on my other jeans (-.- Maybe she wanted me to keep my pants off?!)

I promised her (yet another) drawing and some devotion, but I think the real reasons I’m trembling right now, is that I am not ready for her and for her teachings. I will respectfully ask her to give me some time. In the meantime, I will keep a flame alive as a reminder of the work that I have yet to do to in order to receive her into my life.

A Song for a Warrior

There is a growing golden light
A flower unfolding behind the mirror of your eyes

If an angel could hold it in his polished white hand
I know he’d release it like a bird to the sky

Now you are the warrior who will conquer this land
On a horse made of clouds, you will scatter the sands

Some people say God is long dead
But I heard something inside you with my head to your chest

Oh within all the wrong
They say I have done

There lies a seed
Of a million more just waiting to become

Send them home
Send them home
Send them home

Use your sword, use your voice
And destroy and destroy
Then begin again

Golden hair

Norse Mythology and Geo-dreaming

Norse Mythology is awesome and has brought me tons of dreaming… More I think about it, I’m pretty sure the writers of the Edda or the captors of the stories of Norse mythology were indigenous dreamers (any mythology, to be fair). I’m very, very far from being an expert on Norse mythology or geodreaming (though, you can find one here), but I believe that the land shape the kind of dreams you get. And Iceland has one hell of a scenery, and some of the most peculiar natural phenomenon in the world (like 6 months long nights, Aurora Borealis, exploding volcano with lightning and all, in a nutshell, awesome shit.)

This is a really quick thoughts and a superficial explorations, and I’m sure I’m not the first one to think about this, but this is my blog and you are still reading so shut up. Here goes.

Months fucking long night, explained by the fact that Fenrir as eaten the sun. The poor peasants, unable to grow anything in the dead of winter, are experiencing the Ragnarok, the dead of the Gods. This is a cycle, a wheel (as is everything). The night must precede the day. But this particular night was so damn unpleasant, that you just had to come up with some kind of explanation. Then the benevolent Gods awake again, letting the sun shine and life regrow.

Ragnarok by Valentina Mustarjavi
Ragnarok by Valentina Mustarjavi

That’s why I always thought Loki was an “unwelcome” in the old days. He’d come with his (brilliant) idea of a practical joke that would end up destroying a complete crop… of course that could mean life and death in those days. Nowadays, Loki has his place as an harbinger of changes [the song Wind of Change just started on YouTube], causing destruction and then rebirth. Maybe this is why he is popular today; Loki is a God of our time. Kind of an hipster god.

How will you explain that kind of epic battles?

Surtr, jötunn with the Flaming sword.
Surtr, jötunn with the Flaming Sword.


Thor kicking the shit outta Surtr.
Thor kicking the shit outta Surtr with the help of his goats

It’s not that I don’t believe in the stories of the Norse gods or that I want take away the sacredness of the scripture. I just believe that it is the human nature to want to explain what they live, what they observe (like I’m doing right now). The land and its natural occurrences influence the conceptualisation of dreaming, and that gave birth to wonders and a rich culture that lives at the heart of my life and that had and will create dreams and magic beyond our simple realm of living. Hail Yggdrasil. (can you even say that?)

[Message from Loki : Well, that was an half-assed article, at least I’m in it. Good night.]