Captain’s Log: A Thief !


Funko Pop Loki statuette

A couple of weeks ago, Loki had become active in my dream life again. I hadn’t seen of him for almost one year, so yeah, this was a huge deal. He was as affectionate and loving, but something was clearly bothering him. He seemed busy and on the lookout, except being directly asked to put up a crazy picture of him, we didn’t have a clear conversation… But things got interesting real fast!

I’ve bought a statuette of Marvel Loki about 3 years ago and put it on my desk at the office. I have grown quite fond of it… But! Uh uhh!

Yesterday someone stole the statuette from my (closed-door) office! For them, it might be just a depiction of everyone’s favorite Marvel bad guy (there’s a movie coming up after all) but for ME, the energy I’ve put every day for 3 years, every day, was about my personal connection and experiences with Loki the Norse God. Every day, I’d look at him, kiss my finger and put it between the horns of his helmet, as a way to honor Loki’s presence in my life. Living with Loki in my heart I’ve learn quite a lot about the role of the Initiator. How important the moment of chaos and destruction is to the renewal of the great cycle of Life. Loki will always have a very dear place in my life.

Also noteworthy, in this year without direct contact, I have learned a thing or two about about detachment and faith, all thanks to my dreaming teachers and the community of dreamers. Before, something like this, having my statuette stolen from me, would have sent me in deep emotions, anger and sadness and made me curse the miscreant that dare steal my idol! But no, I wonder about the story, the lesson, behind this.

As we all know by now, Loki is the Norse God of Mischief and Chaos; so when he sees potential he strikes. I wonder what when through the head of the person who entered my office and told themselves : “Why not?” looking at an energy-charged depiction of the Trickster God.

I can’t help but to feel sorry for that person who decided to take on Loki! Did they needed to learn a lesson about chaos?  Their life will be no doubt thrown upside down. It kinda saddens me that they won’t be conscious of it, but I’m speaking from attachment. Maybe that’s what they need.

And what about me? What do I need to learn from this theft? Why does after 3 years at the same spot, 2 weeks after him dropping by, the statuette is stolen? Maybe I don’t need a statuette to remind me of the lessons of the Trickster God. It certainly seems so. There’s something bigger than me, bigger than Loki, that has its hand in this story, and I can’t wait to find out!


Loki says…

When Loki turns up 2 night in a row the first time in a year:

1st: He looks at the lights that looks like floating hearts in the distance and says :

“This is mere illusions. I have much better illusions to show you.”


2nd : “Put up a preposterous picture of me.” (I think this one well convey the mood he was in)…


(Sadly, I couldn’t find the artist credit :/) 


Odin(??) says…

Sexuality is like chemical reactions; it depends on the elements that you mix together. It will most likely create a reaction. It can be a really small one or it can cause explosions… but sometimes when you are truly lucky, it will create Perfection.

The Alchemist in Search of the Philosophers Stone- Joseph Wright of Derby (1771)