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I’m Coyote Impertinent, on the internet. I’m taking part in a shamanic community in Montreal. The principal tools used for this particular practice is the Medicine Wheel and the Dreaming. In this blog, I will be sharing my perspectives on the wheel, stone by stone, as well as the dreams that I have during the day, drum downs and at night!crowface

With this exercise, I wish to to be able to analyse patterns in my life, in the life of others, in nature, in time (phew! nothing less!). I love shamanism because it’s about personal and their tie with general stories and wider natural movement. It’s a space where reality and dreams intertwines, where we are grounded in our own power, where there is no right or wrong, only a infinite number of perspectives, and possibilities.This practice is based on the Iroquois tradition from North East Canada.

As for me, I am interested in many traditions; Indigenous people of North America, Norse mythology and its Pantheon, Shintoism, as well as Chinese, Mongolian, African and South American cultures (in that order if any). Shamanism is the binding point of all of these different cultures and stories; the endless feast that feed the wheel, the dream and the very essence of life itself!

I will also be sharing my pathwork with the ancient Futhark. I’m learning the runes under a request of my Beloved God Loki. This will not be a devotional blog to the Flame-hair, but I will be sharing my experiences with Him. To be extra clear, I do not belong to any Pagan-Wiccan-Heathenery-Oculist-Polytheist whatever movement, even thought they are all fine and full of awesome people and knowledge. I work with Him through dreaming, initiation, chaos and intuition. I’ll also be posting Loki’s words of wisdom he choose to share with me… those might surprise you!

PS: My first language is FRENCH, so there will be mistakes in English. I’ll try to correct them as much as I can, but please be kind. 😉

PPS:Want to discuss or connect with me? You can write me at Coyoteimpertinent at gmail dot com. I already love you.


5 thoughts on “About this blog

  1. Okay – this has been puzzling me for a while, now; and I can’t believe I’m not only the first to comment on this page, but the first to ask you: what is that you have on your nose in your picture? I haven’t even had the chance yet to start imagining what your face looks like … I can’t get past – whatever it is – that’s on your nose 😀

    1. ha ha ha! This is a stone call labradorite. it is a protection stone that is manily found in… Labrador, Canada. The Norse used that stone as well. In this photo I used it as a crow beak. LOL. I also have crow as a totem, not only Coyote. 🙂

      I know the artist that created the stone. I’m not sure if she has an Etsy page tho. She also speaks french ha ha.

  2. moonfire2012

    I don’t know why I never read your bio before, though we’ve been following each other for awhile. Now I know a little more about you and your lifestyle. I took a french class years ago and can mostly only remember the cognizants. At least I remember how to say merci beaucoup and sil’ vouz plait;)

    1. haha! I chuckled when you said “your lifestyle”! French is an awesome language but for some reason I find it more easy to share in English. I believe that it is because French got a LOT of rules and that I can easily get swallowed in. 😛 I’m looking forward to following you again, as you went on a private for a while, but now I have access mwahaha!

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