Odin(??) says…

Sexuality is like chemical reactions; it depends on the elements that you mix together. It will most likely create a reaction. It can be a really small one or it can cause explosions… but sometimes when you are truly lucky, it will create Perfection.

The Alchemist in Search of the Philosophers Stone- Joseph Wright of Derby (1771)

2 thoughts on “Odin(??) says…

  1. These words, especially when coupled with the image you chose, seems to indicate an attitude inclined toward experimentation … certainly something Odin would be no stranger to! I also like that you added the question marks after Odin’s name … as the wisdom in the dream could just as easily come from you, with either you or Odin stamping his face to it in order to make the rest of your mind take notice of its significance.

    My question would be whether or not the sexuality in the dream-vision were itself a symbol for something else?

  2. It is certainly my case *wink wink*
    I have been connecting to Odin lately, so when I received this message I attributed it to Him! Not that it couldn’t be from Loki, mind you. I made the connection between Odin and the Alchemist archetype… Needs further exploration!

    I believe it had to do with the mystery of marriage: union of the soul, body, essence, and what it creates! In the language of dreaming, there are two big movement-bringers: sexuality and violence! 😉

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