A Birthday Gift from the Dream

Yesterday night, I dreamed of a Bull attacking me at my workplace. This morning there was a weird event at work regarding my office.

Then, I came across of a karate master, Mas Oyama, Father of the Kyukoshin Karate style. (Karate : “Empty Hand”, Kyokushin: “The Search for the Ultimate Truth”).

He is coincidently known as the BULL KILLER, because he literally killed 3 bull, empty handedly. His goal when he threw a punch was to break the ribs, and if it was blocked, to break the arm.

Masutatsu Oyama

Just wanted to put it out there. Happy Birthday to me.


15 thoughts on “A Birthday Gift from the Dream

  1. The Hermit

    Happy birthday! 😀
    Also, synchronisms (is that the right word? close enough): I actually studied Kenpo Karate for about 12 years. Awesomeness!

  2. Happy belated birthday!! This sounds like quite the connection … the bull is often determination; while a mindset that says if not one, then the other, is quite determined 😊

    I’m sorry for not reading in here sooner – for reasons I’m not really sure about, there have been several posts from blogs I follow that I simply haven’t seen in my reader.

      1. That you have tons of ideas doesn’t surprise me in the least; nor does your lack of time 🙂 Have you ever tried jotting your ideas down and prioritizing them?

      2. I suggested this because I often experience bursts of ideas, usually when I’m already super busy; then when I do have time, I don’t remember the half of them. Out of curiosity, how many years did you celebrate this birthday?

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