Captain’s log: The Path of Lies

Mentir est le talent de ceux qui n’en ont pas. – Épître sur la Calomnie, Marie-Josèphe de Chénier

Free translation : “Lying is talentless person’s talent

fox hare
Hare and Fox by Jackie Morris
LIES are complex. They are first of all a mean, like money, medicinal herb, to get you somewhere. Lying encompasses the ideas of manipulation, deceit (even temporary), power and control… and to a certain extent, victimhood.

It starts in the EAST of the Medicine Wheel because it has to do with the perception of the liar in the eyes of others. Lies are a way to manipulate others, appealing to either their logic or their emotions (depending on the individual weakness/strong-point), in order to make them believe something that is untrue.

  • There are basically two kinds of liesOmission and Commission. In the first, you omit certain details, in the other you fabricate details (half-truths) or the whole thing.
  • There are 3 types of intent for each types of liesWhite lies (beneficial lies to others) Grey lies (ranging from beneficial to the liar to ill-intend towards others) Black lies (malicious lies detrimental to others).* From the book On being a Shit by Dr. Jane F. Gilgun.

Lies have different intents but are always targeted to shape the emotional response of an audience, it all depends on how you want them to react.

Need some more images? Let’s craft an example…

A co-worker wants to take Friday off to attend a 3-days event in a faraway town. She has no vacation days left and your team is working on a time sensitive project and is overloaded. There is no way she will be given a special day off without a good reason. In order to get what she wants, she uses a situation that got her off work before: she said that the judge wanted to meet her and her ex-husband again for a final, final meeting. Not only she can skip work on Friday, she receive emotional support and validation from her boss and help from you because you will now take care of her part of the time-sensitive work. She leaves confidently and enjoy the event. This is a GREY COMMISSION LIE.

Now, let’s say you have suspicion about the divorce story, because as a court-divorcee, you know that all judgements are final and when a payment has been made, there is no matter to be discussed face to face anymore. You see on Facebook that she is spend the week-end in a faraway town, then you connect the dots, you tell your boss and the rest of your team. Come Monday, the lying co-worker explains in great details how she might be able to squeeze more money out of her ex-husband and fail to mention the event. Everyone knows she is lying to you but they all answer something along the lines of “This is great” because they desperately need help and are ready to brush aside the truth. This is a GREY OMISSION LIE.

And this is the Path of Lies. Lies cause lies.


I encountered two stories of PATH OF LIES, let’s start with PINOCCHIO’S PATH.


Pinocchio is a wooden puppet that was given life by the magical Blue Fairy who heard the wish of the pure-hearted Carpenter Geppetto. As he is exploring life without strings to become a real boy, the ambitious little creature starts to tell lies and get himself and the people around him in trouble. His nose grew each times he lied; a picturesque way to explain not to tell lies because they can become bigger and bigger, becoming a burden for you and hinder your movement and path. There is of course a much more spiritual approach to it. It is about the exploration of FREE WILL, in the masonic sense. Before becoming a real boy, Pinocchio have to detach himself from his ego, not without exploring every possible shortcuts.

Make you think of something? There is complete article on the metaphysical take on Pinocchio’s adventure that you can find here.

Now, the dreaming works in a circular way. My exploration of lying lead me to the story of Pinocchio, which led me to the story of Betty May and her violent encounter with Aleister Crowley (which incidentally wrote the Book of Lies, which is also falsely called BREAKS: the Wanderings or Falsification of the One Thought of Frater Perdurabo, which Thought is Itself Untrue).


Betty May

Betty May was issued from the lowest of the low class citizens in London of this early 20th century. She experienced a harsh life, drug addiction, prostitution, gang lifestyle, violence… She married a really close friend of Aleister Crowley, and took part in a variety of magick ritual. She wrote a book (of lies, ah!) in which she explained in great details her life in Crowley’s abbaye.

The main story was about the death of her husband. Allegedly, Crowley asked him to behead a cat and drinking his blood. The story goes that he died two days after this ritual. She would have went to Crowley, crazy with rage armed with a gun with the intention to kill him, and fired on him two times; one time she missed and the second time the gun blocked. May sold this story for a relatively low sum of money. She was then dragged to court for defamation, and it was found out that her husband died from complications after having drank dirty water directly from a stream. Crowley craftily answered to this cat story: “There was no cat, no animal, no blood, no drinking”. What was there, hmm? (Lie by omission, perhaps? Will never know, DUN DUN DUN.)

Now, killing a sick cat for a ritual, it could happen… It is a convincing story when you are trying to manipulate popular opinion against a notoriously hated man. At the same time, you are get emotional support from the masses AND you have an excuse for your murderous fit of rage of losing your sickly husband. Hey, everything works. Except this is not true. This is a combination ofGREY and BLACK COMMISSION LIES.

Pathological liars need support to justify a situation in which they found themselves vulnerable… They market their images to justify or cover-up their flaws. Betty May described herself as a “wild woman” (to my exasperation a Tiger Woman) to excuse her pathological need for violence, control and, why let say it, her own version of Free Will. The scary part is that she seemed to believe her in her own lies, in her status of victim. She also disappeared quietly into the world when the heat was on her. How can she call herself wild woman? Huh? Is that what wild woman do? Making money and fame on someone’s back?

CONCLUSION  (or opinion?)

We come across all kind of lies, daily. Ranging from a simple “I feel fine today” to a complex lie about their mother being in a coma to be able to receive some comfort for a totally unrelated reason… But lies starts by not being able to stand in truth.

My own experience with liars and lying drives me to believe that lying is a tool that is often misused and that came take over a whole life, then it becomes a program that define one’s actions and if that person is not able, or not willing, to stand in truth about the reason behind their habit of lying, it becomes an inherent trait of character. And this my friends, is where leads the pathof lies. You’ve become, and shall forever stay, a little shit.goodbye you little shit.jpg

Yours truly,


Coyote Impertinent


4 thoughts on “Captain’s log: The Path of Lies

  1. Suzi.

    You know what *FINE* actually stands for? F***ed-up, Insecure, Neurotic & Emotional…. so not necessarily a lie on ‘one of those days’ haha 😉

    Enjoyed your thoughts x

  2. The Enterer

    Look who’s being a hypocrite. So somebody you know has lied. Big deal! If you understood Crowley like you imply, you’d know that – on some level – all speech is a lie. Maybe you should actually read the Book of Lies you refer to, and give it some thought. Also your account of the Betty May affair is the sloppiest thing I’ve ever seen. Only good part of this post was the very last line, you describe really well where you’re at in life. Then again you -do- call yourself impertinent, so at least know your place and are honest about that. Nice shitpost addition to your shitblog, good job.

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