The 7 Biggest Mistakes People Make When Learning Magick

I couldn’t agree more. I made some of those mistakes, I see some people do it and it’s just… funny to watch.

“Avoid these common pitfalls when studying magick, meditation or mysticism”

Source: The 7 Biggest Mistakes People Make When Learning Magick


8 thoughts on “The 7 Biggest Mistakes People Make When Learning Magick

  1. I agree with the list; but would add – and I would add it at position number one – is that a lot of people approach magic with a weak will. Yes, a lot of magic has to do with receptivity and perceptiveness; but to actually work magic requires a fairly strong will. By will, I do not refer to want – lots of people want lots of things, and I have met quite a few would-be magic workers who mistake their intense want for will, then wonder why they fail, fall into a great state of disappointment, and wind up turning into critics and naysayers. Without a conditioned will, commitment is not possible, sustained concentration tends to be rather short, distractions take precedence.

      1. I think I explained the concept of “Thunder Being” to you… maybe? They are one of the clan that you find on the Medicine Wheel. These people are filled with electricity (so to speak) and they need an outlet for their rage, or it can litterally damage them. They use rage for propulsion, it’s “their power”. They make thing happen.

        So I have this friend who is a Thunder Being and she has been releasing her rage inside of her because she has no mean to express it. Her organs are getting squished, and I mean, literally. So I was talking to her, trying to comfort her and I was asking myself: “What would be the wise thing to do?”, then a WP notification popped-up from STORMWISE!

        Thunder Being can control weather and cause storms. So I think that she needs to literally call up the storm to use all of that rage for propulsion instead of using it against her.

      2. I can relate to your friend – repressing that kind of energy is not at all healthy. And I do not mean just to one’s own self – when that kind of energy is pent-up for too long, it’s like a pressure cooker getting opened up too quickly. My advice would be to get your friend into releasing her energy slowly at first, until she has a good handle on it. I’m not sure I fit anywhere on the Medicine Wheel … but I’d wager I know the element of storm fairly well. Plenty of people seem to think of storms as energy out of balance – I tend to think it’s the opposite, because to get a really good storm going requires that everything come together just so. Learning to channel storm energy is challenging because of the balance required to do so … this is why I advocate starting slowly. I hope this bit of unasked-for advice helps 🙂

      3. This is awesome! I agree… i have the chance to only glimpse at that kind of energy. I have a much more mild energy that requires other kind of outlet. Thanks for the practical tips. I’ll be telling her that! Hihi

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