Loki says… #14

Me talking to LE partner about the reasons behind the Binding of Loki

him: “But why did he wanted to kill Baldur then?”

me: “…I guess Loki was jealous of him.”

HIM: “Tsss. Definitively NOT JEALOUS.” 

by Sceithailm on DA



2 thoughts on “Loki says… #14

  1. LE partner is correct. Loki had a point to make. 1) That perfection doesn’t exist and that the things we think perfect all have a flaw. 2) Baldur, being in Helheim, also proves that even in the worst places, there can be beauty. 3) I’m guessing Hel likes Baldur a bit and Loki just made sure they could be reunited. 😛

    Corollary to point #1: “The Titanic is unsinkable? Even God couldn’t sink it? Sounds like a challenge! I know a giant in Niflheim…”

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