Captain’s log: Walking with the Fox Spirit

It is said that you discover your animal spirit/guide throughout your whole life. Some may be with you for a few years or to help you through certain situations or difficult periods, or they could be anchored on your wheel. In the old time, your first totem was determined at birth, depending on what animal showed up, in the waken life or in dream/synchronicity. Nowadays the word Totem is used to serve all sort of pseudo-mystical concepts, but the word itself simply means “relationship”. It is a relationship that you share with the spirit or essence of the elements of nature around you. We use totems as a self-discovery tool but it wasn’t always so… I doubt the Ancients we’re attributing why they were being bitchy to the fact they had a bitchy Cat totem. Lol! It was a much more serious matter! It was about mimicking the demeanour of the animals, following their teachings, in order to survive.

I know Coyote have been with me since I was a teenager (without understanding the word Totem or its concept). Last summer, I have learned to embrace it, skin and bones, not without the occasional struggles and frustrations its medicine entail. Today, I am aware of its influence in my life to a certain degree, [as I am not completely objective when it comes to this topic], and I therefore try to observe and apply (or not apply) its teachings before letting the potential chaos He can create totally wreck my every day. It think it’s safe to say that Coyote is a relationship that will stay with me for this life. So much to learn, so many traps to avoid!

huge mistake
I’ve made a huge mistake.

When I first started to learn about indigenous dreaming a few years ago, I’ve discovered that I had a relationship with the Fox Spirit. He showed up as being sitting on my head and guiding me around with his high screeching yaps and hectic movements. We started our relationship with shyness, as I would sense his presence but only catch glimpses of his body. But with his guidance, I have taken my first steps into the dream world and shamanism, I have acquire dream tools and precious techniques…

When an animal spirit presents itself to you, you have to observe its demeanour during your encounter(s) as well as understanding its behaviour in nature. Foxes are shy creatures that blend in their surroundings like no other. Blending in or being unseen is a technique that insured the survival of the Fox throughout the ages. The most stunning example is probably the change in the Artic fox’s fur colors according to the season; its grey-brown mantle sheds to reveal a pure white coat that will help them to remain undetected by predators and preys alike during winter. Cunning, they use multiple techniques to hunt their preys, use evasive manoeuvres when they are being prey upon or use themselves as bait to lead astray the predators from their den and pups. Even more impressive, it is said that foxes use the Earth magnetic fields to hunt their unseen preys during winter. They use the surroundings to their advantage to outfox you or to eat you alive! Onomnom!

I see it all

A person that bears the Fox Medicine is a master of disguise and a keen observer of characters and situations. They grasp things quickly and understands their immediate position. They will use cunning (Rerouting, suggestions and manipulation) instead of deceit (Coyote’s good ol’ trickery) to get to where they want to be or to get out of sticky situation. In society, a Fox person maybe shy and draw to the background in order to go with the flow and not to disturb the stability of the group. Fox people have a hard time being noticed and that is extremely frustrating. On the other hand they do not like to be the center of attention for too long. This is quite a challenge to balance the two. One of my friend and bearer of the Fox medicine, LD, is the most boisterous person I know, and from what I gathered, it only comes up when she feels she is not being heard. When I give her my undivided attention, she becomes calm, speaks very softly and insists that I share my thoughts too. It’s like night and day! I also feel like that; I want to be a part of something and to share my experience and when people look at me I want to disappear.

One of the great teachings of the Fox is to realise when to blend in and when it is enough. I can quite easily forget myself because the biggest part of me don’t like to disturb others (the other part is the Coyote). I have to sit in front of the mirror to remember who I am and what I want. I have to remind myself to value the reasons why I work, what I sacrifice and how I should take care of myself.

I feel truly blessed that the Fox quietly walks with me in the dreaming part of my life. The first time I met him, he was BLUE (but as I understand, it is a color I use to identify the animals that are important to my personal story) but more and more I see him appear in shade of whites or really light colors. It was seems to be linked to a Japanese space… at first. But as I see him shifting from dream to dream, from the Kitsune Spirit to an Artic Fox, from a Grey Fox to a Fennec, so on and so on, I understand that just like the dream world, the Fox is always changing, moving, revealing what he wants you to see, adapting like a mirror, that is why I call him the SILVER FOX.

Me too, Fox, me too.

** I have learned about totems from an indigenous point of view with my teachers here in the Montreal region, if you are interested to learn more please visit their website HERE.


4 thoughts on “Captain’s log: Walking with the Fox Spirit

  1. I’ve never met a Fox person I didn’t like! One of the things I always found striking about Fox is its sense for remaining in the between of things or concepts … in particular Fox’s ability to strike a balance between Cat and Dog traits.

    1. I love what you point out about the Cat-Dog balance! Although Foxes definitely are dogs, they have something of mysterious and lunar maybe a portal to the Feline world 😛
      Foxes are appealing to a lot of different people, I wonder if their cuteness has something to do with it ! 😛

      Would you care to elaborate about the in between ? The in between interests me a lot, I always attribute it more to the Crow/Raven but mainly concerning the “in between WORDS”.

      1. Foxes seem to favor moving around in the twilight, when not around large areas of people … the red fox, in particular, makes this a habit. Looked at in the context of Fox balancing itself in the between of things, this would be Fox balancing between Light and Dark. The feline world shows itself with Fox in more than just the mysterious fashion – at least one race of fox can climb trees, being among only two races of canines that can do this. So again, there is the between of feline and canine that Fox inhabits. I’ll take this between one level further, and borrow from the analogy of women and men being ‘cats and dogs’ – here Fox also seems to walk comfortably in the balance of both. I would also say that Fox is a good mediator between the civilized / domestic and wild worlds that we co-inhabit, as they are effective survivors in all settings, and can often be found at the fringes of cities, towns (or even farms), between us and the wilderness we are in danger of losing touch with.

      2. Oh yeah! That is true that Foxes are nocturnal and that they climb trees, much like the cat. I don’t see the Cat and Dog medicines as being opposite, like let’s say Yin and Yang. They can very well be complementary to one another. The recent changes in the notion of gender suggests that both men and women are looking to embody both sexes, both energies. To bring it together instead of opposing it. It make sense that the Fox is a really popular animal in our age!

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