Loki says… #13

– Thunderers thunder. That’s what they do. They vanish as soon as they appear. Don’t waste your energy trying to play them down. You could every well end up burnt to a crisp! 

thunder being

Happy Thorsday.


6 thoughts on “Loki says… #13

    1. Thank Loki, thank the thunder storm that is being played out in my office! He basically said: why don’t you sit this one out, huh? 😉

      The picture is the Heyo’ka of the Lakota, Wakinyan! Thunder being…;)

      1. I spoke with a man once, about 20 years ago, a storyteller by the name of Woableza, who listened to some of my personal stories and history. He described to me how his grandfather, a holy man who was called by a name similar to that which I had been called at the time, was taken from this world by a lightning strike. Woableza seemed intrigued at the similarities between me and his grandfather. The storm has been my element for most of my life. But this is about as far as it goes with me – I know of the Heyoka, of course, but do not identify with their wisdom. While I have dreamed of storms and had visions of them, I would not say I’ve had experience with the Wakinyan that Heyokas dream of. Perhaps I have, and simply relate to it differently – identifying with Raven has taught me that things come in many shapes and sizes! But that I am aware of, I’ve not experienced anything that would cause me to identify with the Heyoka, despite my having admiration for them and their ways 🙂

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