Captain’s log: Darkness and Shadows

Killing in Kenya, terrorist’s attacks in Paris, Beirut and Syria, earthquakes in Mexico leaving a thousands of people homeless, Syrian refugee crisis… Closer to (my) home, the spill of untreated water in the St. Lawrence River, the passing of Bill-20 reducing access to assisted procreation… All carried by improvised SJW or self-made moral experts in the social media uproar, is making me DIZZY.

This was unsettling to see people angrily commenting about the events or about the lack of media coverage of other equally important events, or about the hypocrisy and racism people were displaying showing support to Paris and not Syria or Beirut, or about the fact that they didn’t wanted to welcome the Syrian refugees anymore, or the fact that they should be welcoming more refugees, or that we should manifest against the government about this and that before taking care of international matters… Ugh.

What we are witnessing on the social media is pure anger, despair, aggression, powerlessness, self-righteousness…I thought to myself that this is what collective DARKNESS must feel like.

From what I understand, shadows are issues or unresolved that lurk in your subconscious and that hinder or affect your life, your attitude and/or your Dreaming in one way or another. You can work through shadow by getting consciousness and acting on it. This kind of work can propel you and lead you to walk in sacredness. Because shadows are not always monstrous, they represents parts of us that needs to be heard, healed then put to use!

dance shadow
Out of the shadow (

However, when you do not work on your shadows, unconsciously or by choice, they can grow into a bigger, more dangerous pattern that is darkness. It is that stage when entitlement come into play, where we start to confuse our sense of self with a tightly knit amalgam of shadows.

For example, LET SAY that I deem myself an asocial person (yes, let’s say that). Of course this is the result of hurts, programming and avoidance of shadows, but in the confusion, I start believing that I am an asocial person. I start to follow certain behaviours that serve the purpose of my darkness, of my certainties. Soon, I realised that all of my relations are meaningless, I start to lose interest in getting out, so I discover no new things/people that could bring meaning or joy to my life… because all of my relations are meaningless, so I stay in…!

You can say that darkness sustains itself. Incidentally, people that are not working through their shadows or that are stuck in darkness ALWAYS seem to be surrounded by negative energy, seem to have the world against them or seem to always to suffer some sort of catastrophic events (for a reason unbeknownst to them, of course). If you are dumb and blame it on people, events, things, you’ll feel entitle to outside support because, after all, this has nothing to do with you; If you are into self-loathing you’ll blame it on your inherent defectiveness, you’ll truly believe that it is you deserve your misfortune. I’m sure there’s a lot of outcomes that can be observed… as many as there is people on Earth, really!

It is important to accept that we have a shadows, that we are experiencing nightmare, or that we got gulped down by darkness. It’s not the end of the world. We need to assess issues with consciousness in order to work through them and I believe the first step is to take personal responsibility of your reactions to be accountable for them.

Shadows can trigger conflicts. You have to determine what triggered you, and you alone can be accountable for how you feel. You are responsible for your feelings, you need to work through it for yourself, and you can’t just expect people to be careful about your triggers. That’s taking others hostage!

monk meditationBut how many times did you work to avoid for someone else’s predicament? How many times do we take the burden for someone else because they just can’t do it themselves? Who are these people that are giving away shadows without a giving a single fuck, and who are the people taking them? More importantly, why do they accept to do that type of work for SOMEONE ELSE? Are they just crazy selfless Saint levitating on a cloud?

I won’t lie, the thought has crossed my mind.

I believe it’s not everyone that is able to help people work through their in darkness. You need to be disciplined, have an innate sense of balance… You need to have a strong light, because without it, darkness will swallow you whole. Those people are precious, they are the one you need to fight for.

So when I had the impression of a collective darkness, I could see the entirety of my Facebook friends lashing out an incredible amount of shadows, all tailored to their own beliefs and illusions, I saw no way out of the darkness. I saw no way to resolve the pain. Just a huge amount of shadows that need to be addressed and healed. The problem is that we are not communicating it, we are slurring it out into our “community” which is share no bound and no value.


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