Captain’s log : of Fire and Order

Lately, I got sick. A lot.

Also, I had been dreaming of vampires a lot, ever since the Blood Moon. You know, I never even considered they were not my own. Who would populate my space with blood sucking creatures but myself?  After all, wasn’t I a genius self-saboteur!? Coyote could vouch for that.

I had a divine inspiration that I should work on my ROOT CHAKRA. Some times after, an energy worker told me the same thing. “Something” was attacking me at the root chakra, the energetic centre that speaks of security. I don’t really work with chakra, but I believe in their existence. I believe there are many maps to the body.

I asked my teacher to help me figure out what was in my space. He told me to get my Coyote ready. I guess that’s what I did.

After a trip to the hospital that puzzled the 4 doctors I saw, I asked Loki’s assistance to find anything in my space that was not mine and to punish it in any way he saw fit. [And I also asked him to name his price after. I know, I know. Not the brightest of girl, but at this point I was pretty desperate.]

The dream I had that night was about a meeting of the vampire society I had dreamed about lately. I had some important business to discuss with a boy with flaming hair. He took me into a little chamber in the basement and locked us in. I began to hear people screaming from the other room. He told me to be extra quiet. We waited until there was no screams and that we heard the “police” coming in. We went out the doors and there was calcined bodies everywhere. I consulted the roster of names, everybody had died except the boy and me. From what I understood, two powerful vampires surprised the society in their meeting and burned them all to a crisp.

I went through the dream with another dreamer and it made me feel so much better. I felt blessed to receive the gift of fire. Cleansed by fire. At this point I felt relief of the pain. It has been subsiding ever since.

The price Loki asked was… to ride in my car JUST THIS ONCE. Ever since I had my new car, I clearly said no to him every time I open the door. He can be very disturbing and as a new driver, I really need to focus on the road.  So I let him in, stating clearly that he needed to not disturb me, I was being all serious and stern about this. The ride home was superbly chaotic. I thought I might have made a mistake… But he didn’t ask again.

This morning, with the frost on my car, I noticed another beautiful gift.


This is the rune ANSUZ, the gift of Order. “the rune of ancestral sovereign power of the mind consciousness, inspiration, enthusiasm and the power of the use of symbols for transformation of consciousness.” Woden’s rune. I felt blessed for a second time.

Thank you.


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