A Message from Loki

Everything is a matter of perceptions. Nobody likes a terrible initiator pointing out your faults.

Magick From Scratch

I blame the existence of this missive on having too many pictures of half-naked Tom Hiddleston on my feed. Thanks, ladies. You know who you are.

Standard caveat: don’t really work with Norse deities. No claims about accuracy and all that.

One time, there was this asshole in Germany who orchestrated an attempt at genocide. Opposing him meant certain death, or a miserable life, rather than a comfortable one. Do you know what we called the people who stood against him?


Long before Thorgeir, I saw it coming. I saw the malcontent. I saw people feeling alienated by deities and powers they felt were not doing right by them. I knew they were ripe for the taking by another religion.

I stood before my pantheon, and I objected. I told each deity their faults, announced their particular brand of stupidity, dragged out their broken promises, their tarnished vows, their short-sightedness…

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