Captain’s log: Quick Update, I’m not exactly dead.

Whaaaaat!? I’ve not written for a month on this blog. The date concurs. I have been taking the pill for one month.

This shit is killing me. Being heterosexual is so damn hard. Also Thank Gods I’m switching to something without hormones. Throughout this month, my body felt like a sack of shit, I had nausea every damn day, I had Vertigo (mmm lovely)… I got really depressed and my anxiety went up through the roof. I can’t even

i cant evenI really couldn’t.

I’ve been noting my mood and my little pains everyday on Google Keep. It’s a pretty good app for long term record keeping, LOL! I saw green (good mood) being overtaken slowly by red (horrible mood). It’s pretty visual. Loved the experience, so I’ll keep using it.

This is weird though, I remember the good moments more vividly than the bad ones. When did I became a positive person!?!

Oh and I started to go to the GYM and enjoying it. Indeed, the end must be nigh.


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