Captain’s log: Medecine Wheel and Tarot

I had an improbable series of bad lucks and highly unpleasant situations happening to me during the last month. It’s not more than I can bare, but still, I was compelled to build a wheel to reflect on the situation, to pull myself together and understand the overall patterns at play in this situation. Where was I doing something wrong? What was I at fault and where was I being wronged? Why was this happening all of a sudden?

It took some time to realise that, even thought twist of fate can happen on occasions, I am responsible for the situations that are occurring in my life. The fault might be mine, might be someone else’s, might be the goddamn Universe ruling against me. But it doesn’t really matter. I can’t just let things happen to me, feeling sorry for myself and looking to blame others or some cosmological events. Regardless of who’s to blame, I’m being challenged and I shall face it.

I’m recently back from Toronto, where I acquired the Thoth Tarot deck by Aleister Crowley. I had a dream about Tarot some nights prior to the trip. I went to my local game store and they didn’t sell it (surprised?). It made sense that I get it in Toronto, since I was going there with a huge tarot nerd *wink wink*. He helped me grasps the basic concept of this deck.

Instead of reacting to situations, instead of holding grudges, instead of wasting my resources, I shall take moments to reflect and plan and shall choose wisely with whom I share my life, what situations I want to create and how I spend my energy. A question of silence and balance. Always go back to basis before integrating teachings.

Since I’m very new to Tarot, I decided to mix it up with the medicine wheel, a tool that I understand relatively well. I ask the tarot to point out the allies regarding each directions. I was amazed by the result, I drew only major Arcana *except a weird coincidence… see below*. Each of the trumps were directly linked with the general meaning of the directions. Here is my results and my thoughts. Keep in mind that even though I had help from my sexy personal tarot teacher, I’m but a neophyte when it comes to reading and I tend to stick very close to the meaning of the card…! I’ll try to tap into my intuition… not easy as it seems when it comes to new power tools!

East : The Lovers


The East represents the beginning, the child, the perceptions and the emotional realm. It is what you show to the world. I was happy to draw the Lovers card, even though its profound meaning still eludes me.

The Lovers card represents the marriage of duality and the alchemical process that will be explored later in the Art Arcana. The Lovers card expresses love, union of duality, mysteries of the universe and the principle of creation through alchemy and therefore could represent pregnancy. On the card you can see the marriage of the black and the white, feminine and masculine, witnessed by a black and a white child with a red lion and a white eagle standing guard.

Even though I’m sure there is a greater meaning to the card itself, I believe this is a card represents the Gemini, my zodiac sign. I am more than pleased to be “showing the world” the mercurial being that is Gemini and that I embody so well. Although the Lovers card can refers to love and emotional fulfilment, a deeper meaning would be  the start of a definite phase of unification and transformation.

And, boy am I glad.

South : The Chariot


The South represents the afternoon sun, the young adult, power and the physical realm.

There was no question between the relationship of the Chariot card and the South of the MW. The symbol of the chariot itself (4 wheels) refers to the South. It is the drive that makes you move forward. It expresses the ideas of boldness, of the human will and of one’s assertiveness.

It shows a person wearing an armour, not unlike its zodiac counter part, the cancer (it is also standing on it’s head… dah)! Like the crab, the Chariot card is related to the element of WATER. We can see the rider holding a big basin of spinning water with a red core. It would be the element of FIRE contained by WATER. So in itself the Chariot talks also about emotions fuled by desire that are contained inside an armour. Such a combination can get very intense and can easily transform into vapour, into fuel that drives the chariot to ride furiously.

Even thought it is obvious that this card talks about POWER and MOVEMENT and is a perfect allies in the South, I will have to give it some more thoughts. It could indicate that I should never “stop” and not to give in laziness when it comes to power and work.

West : The Hierophant + Dominion (two of wands)


The West represents the older adult, the way your learn and teach, difficulties, nightfall, and the intellectual world.

I was pleased and a bit scared when I drew the Hierophant card. The idea of the Hierophant is very close to the one of the initiator and teacher. Essentially spiritual, this card is expressing illumination, development and growth. I read somewhere that the Hierophant represented a person that successfully united all aspect of duality within themselves, that is in essence male and female. We can see a ghostly blue silhouette of a woman holding the moon and armed with a sword standing before a man, a star embedded in his chest, radiating warmth with a wand in his hand. Both seems to be in link with one another, as they both stand in the six pointed star.

Ohhh a naughty minor arcana slipped right next to the Hieropant!  It make sense since the West talks about duality! The Dominion card, two of Wands, express this idea as well. The WANDS express the element of FIRE and the idea of WILL. The number two represents a duality and balance. This card means MARS in ARIES, so in its own sign (just like the Emperor… right?). A very fiery card, combat energy and dynamic!

The Hierophant card coupled with the Dominion card are telling me to reach out for opportunities of growth and spiritual exhalation and to answer challenges and difficulties with determination, fire and wilfulness.

North : The Empress 
thempressThe North represents the elder, the midnight sun, destiny and the spiritual realm.

The Empress card represents, and is ruled by, Venus. The card is related to EARTH and thus she represents the Salt in the alchemical recipe of Vitriol – along with the Magus (Mercury)  and the Emperor (Sulphur), put together through the Lovers’ union and expressed later by the Art card. In the recipe, Salt is a way to conduct both Energies : Fludity and Intelligence of Mercury and Energy and Drive of Sulphur. So in that sense, she represents “passivity” of nature.

Her arm is cradled as if to hold an invisible baby… is she pregnant? In that sense the card speaks of creation. It can also represents motherhood, unconditional love, beauty, moon-type things and abundance.

Well this card came as a surprise. I believe it is telling me that femininity, emotions and (a relative) passivity could be ways to access my destiny. I am a woman after all, am I not? It represent a woman in her own power and I believe that is exactly what I ought to be.


7 thoughts on “Captain’s log: Medecine Wheel and Tarot

    1. lol! I’ve been learning to read the Medicine Wheel with the help of a shaman and sorceress for a few years… it’s a wonderful tool and I highly recommend it! I’m not exaclty keen on following the rules. I know there is a method to the tarot, but I believe the tool speaks in a way the wielder can comprehend! So ask away! 😛

  1. That’s a great post… I love your method and your insight is very refreshing…. I am looking forward to reading more of your Thoth insights…. good work …..

  2. Nice reading of the cards along side the wheel position. I notice that duality is present in all the images from the lovers to the empress – yet in the empress it seems more integrated – a process for you of becoming whole through the resolution within you of the issue. Coming to a place where situations of this nature no longer trigger you in some way perhaps.

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