Nauthiz and Perthro: a quote

I stumbled onto this quote and I believe it sums up nicely what I really tried to explain about the dynamic between Nauthiz (destiny) and Perthro (fate) in a very disarticulated manner in one of my previous article.

Through the law of cause and effect we choose our destiny. Moreover, we are our own prophets for we constantly project our future state by the seeds we plant in the present.” – Cheryl Canfield

And for no reason, here is a picture of a cat named Marcel.IMG_1887


8 thoughts on “Nauthiz and Perthro: a quote

  1. moonfire2012

    This only brings up more questions for me. There are circumstances, and other people’s choices, we have no control over. What about those? Also, there is a line in the movie Thirn Birds that answers some of this concept. The grandmother tells her daughter, “I dont know and never shall, know how much of our lives are p,lanned for us and how much were allowed to choose. But I look back on my life and see choices I could have made and didnt. Its too late for me now. But its not too late for you.”

  2. lol! I don’t see those runes as answers but more as questions, possibilities, paradoxical states. But I believe we are also part of the story of others. Not only our choices makes our destiny…

    I was writing a long nagging about how my father made a bad choice in my academic choice when I was a kid. But I realised that his mom did the same thing to him. My grand-mother made a choice that still echoes today, through my story. This is FATE (the motion of cause and effect). Destiny would be what comes out of Fate.

    … Am I just being very weird right now?

    1. moonfire2012

      No, youre not being weird. I believe we can break the chain of bad luck and bad choices of our ancestors through reshaping Wyrd. Like my mom had a mental illness so I was determined to not be like her and live life to the fullest i stead of choosing to be miserable. Unfortunately, some genetic tendencies for overanalyzing and mistrusting people still comes through in my reactions, but some of that is bad past experience of my own. So I choose to heal from that too instead of staying stuck in a rut.

      1. moonfire2012

        Well it is at first because you have to face your fears and deal with what causes them. Deal with your faults. Once youre past that, and see how much better it can be is when the relief comes.

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