Captain’s log : Antiblibeus, the Dreamer.

T’was the day of the Sabbath, when like two explorers on an epic quest, my lover and I decided to leave the familiarity of Ye’ Ol’Ville Marie and to step into the mighty wilderness of… Chambly! Woohoo! T’was an adventure indeed!  A very sunny, lazy, PG afternoon-adventure.


Near the old Fort, there was a little calm stream flowing under a big tree. That’s where we set our base. It felt very private, away from the people. Hidden in plain side. As my lova was doing his (awesome) breathing exercise, I decided to dream with the tree. I put my hand on him and asked for his name.

Anti-bus? Huh? I repeated it several times and each time, he’d say I told it wrong. I spelled it out and I finally understood Antiblibeus. He was very funny and eager to answer to my questions or commenting on our funny way to communicate, as if we were huge birds. I suddenly got a pain in the stomach and asked him how I should deal with this. He answered in “tree knowledge”.

Antibliebus, the Dreamer
Antibliebus, the Dreamer

“Well, when your roots meet a rock, you need to grow around it, or if you can’t right now, you grow somewhere else and you’ll eventually come back to this when you can. It’s not a big deal.”

It helped me understand the notion of circular thinking, circular living, circular growth. I suddenly realised that to be able to be functional on any spiritual path, you have to get your emotional, material and intellectual lives together. You need to strife to balance the 4 quadrants of the wheel in order to experience “spirit”.

When you met an obstacle in one of those 4 quadrants, you have to ask yourself: Am I able to grow around it now? (or in human talk: work on it and integrate it into my life) or should I sit with it a little, work on something else and come back when I’m strong enough to face it? Sometimes I feel either people get stuck on their rock and they can’t see or work on anything else, OR they start to avoid it all together and focus solely on one type of work.

It’s funny, the more I encounter “spiritual people”, the more I can see people working on the spiritual only and disregarding (to a certain level) the emotional, intellectual and most of all the material worlds. I think it’s particularly stoopid. (And all the Bodhisattva of the world sighed deeply at this wildly inappropriate comment.)

We live in a world based on illusions: I get it.

We must awake our mind and be conscious of it: I agree.

We need to get ourselves as far as possible from these illusions and theirs temptation: Are you kidding me? This is the best thing ever.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m talking about balance here. We are on this planet to live the “human experience” in all of its splendour and stickiness. The whole range is worth it.

There is an expression here in Quebec refereeing to a plant that have an abnormally fast elongation of stems and a really thin base. It’s called “pousser en orgeuil” or growth with pride. Those plants get broken easily, by the wind, by rain, anything that is out of the comfortable ideal weather or conditions. I see the spiritual path, or the red road, as a vertical motion. Whereas the emotional, intellectual and material worlds are more horizontal motions. Having a strong base is the only way you can support your vertical movement, you ascent to spiritual and divine without breaking at the first tempest. In my opinion, that is. If that’s true for plants, that’s true for human too. (I don’t want you to quote me on this without the proper context, mkay?)

As we were conversing, I noticed M was breathing very hard for his exercise. I asked the tree: “Is he doing this right?” He took time to answer: “Yes… but there is something bothering him.”

Yesterday, M admitted that his asthma was getting really bad. I thought back on what Antibliebus said. Tree are lungs, they must know a thing or two about breathing, sadly, not much about asthma.


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