Frigg Handmaidens

FULLA – Abundance, keeper of mysteries. She has a golden hair band.

GNA – Messenger, transcendence of the worlds. She ride on flying horse, Hòfvarpnir.

LOFN – Permission, says yes to dreaming.She has a golden key.

SYN – Boundaries, keeper of the gates. She is armed with a staff.

VAR – Oath keeper, the power of words. She has a ring on her finger.

SNOTRA – Wisdom and courtesy, comprehension of human nature. She has a linen handkerchief

GEFION – Giver, provider to the god and human. She is seen carrying a cornucopia.

SAGA – Historian, keeper of the ancestor. She read a story book and drinks from a golden goblet.

SJOFN – Affection, weaver of relationships. She wears a pink heart hanging from a golden chain.

HLIN – Refuge, protector of the weak and loved one. She is seen carrying  sword and shield.

VÖR- Seeress, unveiled all secrets. She wears a dark veil.

EIR – Healer, intervene on destiny. Her tools of trade are the pillar and mortar.



17 thoughts on “Frigg Handmaidens

  1. This is a group of deities that in my opinion doesn’t usually get enough attention. Where does this list of attributes come from? The reason I ask is because of Snotra (in your list, spelled Snorta), who is usually also associated with either wisdom or cleverness (in the same attestation – the only one, regrettably – of her in Norse lore) it is also said that someone who is wise can be called snotr. Do you have experience with any of these goddesses? There is more to write here, I think …. 🙂

    1. Hello! Thank you for pointing out the this important typo! I’ll correct it write away (get it? get it?)
      In fact, I have just started to get to know the handmaidens. I see them a bit as the feminine mysteries! I believe, indeed that there is a crucial lack of literature when it comes to these goddesses in the Edda so i have read some of the work, principally based on worship and practical devotional work. This list is only for informational purposes… for me mostly! to be able to remember them and the mystery they refer to. It is subject to change.

      As for Snotra, yes! it is the wise one, council to Frigg, you are right. I should write that down. 😀

      I use a french site mostly… do you read french?

      1. French is one of the languages I don’t read or understand very well. I used to speak Spanish, and have some familiarity with Latin; so in some cases, I can plod my through some very limited French vocabulary.

        I think it’s great that you are getting to know Frigg’s handmaidens … that there isn’t much written about them from the lore, I think it’s good to see that people are resorting to (what I usually call) primary sources: that is, the deities themselves 🙂

        I’ll correct it write away (get it? get it?)” – A killer pun (I almost died laughing) 😉

      2. I’m glad that you appreciated my pun! ah! You must be awesome.

        I do most of my work with Loki through dreaming, connecting with the Heyoka energy and also “meditation”. Of course I read a lot on him, but to be in connection with the God or Goddess is completely different. I see the Handmaidens ultimately as a group, but each “elements” are equally important to maintain the balance by making them work together. You probably know the shrine here :

        Very good author is quoted, Linda Demissy… I’m already looking for me literature! 😀 I’ll try to be connect with the handmaidens next full moon…

      3. Approaching Loki, or working with him, by way of the Thunder Clown, is ‘almost’ logical … both are contraries … but then with the Heyoka, nothing is logical, except the illogical. Would you consider trying to reach Frigg’s handmaidens with this same energy? Or would you take a more serene approach?

      4. Interesting nuance! I always saw that there was a certain logic with the Heyoka, in the sense that “there is a teaching somewhere in there”. Works in mirror. I always kinda associate Loki’s energy with the Heyoka, but now that you mention it, there is something different about him, maybe a certain wisdom that makes the plays of the Heyoka a bit more useless and circular. Granted Loki can act juvenile, or plain dumb, but he is a bit more “obvious”, “trusting”, and “loving”. All of those quotation marks are making me dizzy, but they are necessary when it comes to Loki and his demeanour. I believe I will be able to get clearer on him and the way he works with time.

        I don’t think it would be wise to approach the Handmaiden’s with the same energy at all, he he. I believe that the approach Sacred Child/Goddess (the one that asks nothing more than to learn and the one that brings out conciousness) would be much more appropriate when it comes to these deities… How did you approach them?

      5. I wouldn’t say that I ever approached them directly. I have approached Frigg before, taking the time to learn more about her history and more about her capabilities (which I feel have been vastly understated in the lore that’s remained for us to find). With Frigg, I approach with respect, curiosity and an open mind – her handmaidens would receive nothing less from me.

  2. moonfire2012

    I need to have a little chat with Lofn. I have some stalkers who seem hell bent on me not getting beyond the midgardian world in my dreams with a few exceptions when I can break through or Loki comes around. They also wont leave me alone.

  3. moonfire2012

    Hm, I wonder if there are parallels between them and the nine Olympian muses? Im going to study this now. And I feel inspired to make devotional necklaces for them in my etsy shop.

      1. Ha ha ha…
        Nothing like being featured on someone else’s website to make one seem bigger than life with that whole Author Mystique. 😉
        Then there’s actually *reading* the people we decided to follow a while back … 😛

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