Eyes to the sky

When I think of all of the galaxies in the Universe, of all of the solar systems they contain, of all of the rocks gravitating around these stars, of how violently the planets were formed, of how many of them that can harbour life, and that out of this number, how many are inhabited by intelligible, carbon-based life forms which were compelled to build a society together and to seek out spirit and which are able to feel pain and love…then I think to myself, that I’m so freaking lucky to have met you.universe


3 thoughts on “Eyes to the sky

  1. Usually, I look at a blog’s ‘About’ page, after having read a few posts, before I decide to follow it. In your case, based on this post alone, I am making an exception; and am sad that WordPress doesn’t allow me to hit the ‘like’ button more than once!

      1. I look very forward to reading more of your blog, when I have the chance, and of course now your future posts when they find themselves in my reader 🙂

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