Intrigue at the Coven

I dreamed I was in a huge anime/video game festival. At one point I felt very weak and asked my lover to go buy me some food. He left me in a quiet corridor. A door was slightly open, so I went and took a closer look.

The door led to a small but sumptuous church in which there was a Coven gathering. The witches had just finished some kind of ritual. They were all naked and panting, laid on the steps of the altar. They knew I was there, but they didn’t mind, they already knew about me. In fact I was friend with 4 of them. They were in their 60s. From what I understand we had spent some time in prison together. (-.-)

As the witches started to dress up and leave, a young one passed by my friends and gave them the stink eyes. She was very aggressive in her movement and expression and had a youthful vitality that could fool anyone into thinking she was one of the strongest witch in the Coven. Many of them thought that. But for me it was clear to see that she was very unexperienced. She went up to the council of the Coven and explained that the rules should be more severe, especially regarding certain infractions to the code. She was really clever and the council accepted her motion.


One of my friend came up to me and explain that the younger witch was trying to frame them so she could get rid of them and become more influential in the Coven. They had an idea about her plan but didn’t know how to stop it and to expose her to the council. They asked for my help. I accepted.

I was doing surveillance in this girl apartment. It was dirty and cluttered. The bathroom was disgusting, the toilet clogged and there were dirty towels hanging everywhere. I saw that she changed data about my friends in the official books. Something about their age and their efficiency. I changed it back and I entered new data that would get the young woman in trouble.

I can’t remember if she got caught but I know my friends were off the hook. I remember the council was speaking to her and she was standing down the stairs of the altar and she trembling with rage. My friends acted as if nothing happened.


6 thoughts on “Intrigue at the Coven

  1. moonfire2012

    There always has to be somebody on a power trip. Is this from personal experience? Im suprised she was younger and jealous and manipulative. Its usually the other way around.

  2. In fact, this is a dream!! (I’ll make this more clear :P). I’m not a witch, it means too many meetings, relationships and work 😀 I’m much more interested in dreaming

    I see this as a representation of my “inner coven” if there’s such a thing. As you might know, I work with dream a lot so “me” is my dream-worker. The young witch could represent my ego or my “inner fire” trying to get rid of the older witches ( maybe my past lives), that bring me experience and grounding energy, to have more power over my “life”, more freedom, in a sense. My inner defence, the dreamer, uses the coyote’s medicine to KEEP THE ORDER.

    Well that’s not something you hear everyday.

    1. moonfire2012

      That is a meaning I would never have thought if, since I am used to almost always assuming things are literal(and a lot of times they are) . I love symbolism though and the idea of being your own inner coven at odds with itself. Each of has warring factions within. Loki just corrected me with that term, I was about to say parts. Well Daddy knows bestP one of my friends once had a dream about seeing all these people who represented parts of herself. They lined up and when one of them moved, they all moved. It was like the bottshiva(spelling is wrong, I know) with the multiple arms representing different aspects of the being. If I had that dream I would have assumed it was a past life one or I was in some scenario being a fly on the wall. Im learning magic and ritual myself but would not want to join a coven. I knew three older witches in Idaho where I used to live who told me right away I was one of Loki’s own. They also told me my third eye was partially blocked but that was two years ago. Things have happened since then to make it more open, including lucid dreaming.

  3. Cool! I’ve been studying ingenious dreaming with Shamans here in Montreal, so my way to analyse dreaming are often “circular”. It is based on the Medicine Wheel… You know, most of the time, when you do dream work, the dream will speak to us in terms that we understand! So dreams can be taken very literally.

    I think what Loke meant was “fragments”. As we have reincarnated a bunch of time, some parts of these lives stick within our soul, and they are called Fragments. They can resurface, cause problems, emotional strife, make you fall in love, etc.

    1. moonfire2012

      Which brings me to the subject of carrying fragments of gods and goddesses which Ive read about happening to some people. What do you think of that? Or they will use the word shards.

      1. I think we all have a potential goddess/god inside of us. Do you mean like a fragment (or shard) of Loki for example? Like I “would be” Loki on a certain level, or are you talking about I as a goddess?

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