July for Loki …

The idea of a month of devotion to a god or goddess is awesome. But I’m not doing it. I wish I could, but I have other crazy promises to keep. Althought, as I am offering booze and fruit to Loki everyday, I guess that could count. no?


Here is some facts about my relationship with Loki.

  • He LOVES “Asgardian” blue. That would be a a mix between turquoise and electric blue. As you can see on the photo, a lot of the things He asks for are blue. He also likes it on me. He said a little poem, something like: “One day I’ll see you, and you’ll be wearing Asgardian blue
  • When I see Him as a Jötun, it’s usually because He wants to teach me magic.
  • When He is in “human” form, He often walks around in chest, long black pants and cowboy boots, or you know, those long pointy comical shoes. Like the true rock star that He is. In a ritual, I offered him a peacock feather, he often wears it as an earring. He has long red hair that often dances like fire.
  • His energy is very subtle and loving, He often whisper in my ears from behind my back.
  • I link the article fox to Him a lot. This totem helped me to break Him free, give Him access to my space.
  • He LOVES riding in my car.
  • He loves when I sing Loki’s song by Mikal the Ram (I wait for Ragnarok in dream, Agh! Is that the battle horn?)

2 thoughts on “July for Loki …

  1. moonfire2012

    You are the ONLY other person besides me who’s been shown that color of blue by Him! He gave me a vest to wear in that color in a dream a couple years ago. I was in some outdoor art class and He put it on me. Some girl made fun of me and said it looked stupid and I said “I’m proud of anything He gives me.” He loves riding in my car too, lol, especially when I’m blasting music. I just heard a whisper in my ear this morning just before I woke up when He said “Hope…us.” He wants me to do more ritual. And I don’t update my altar much either. I know He dosen’t mind. He’s not the most formal of gods and I’m thankful for that.

    1. He was not happy with me leaving ashes on the altar tho. I like to bake him stuff… but it has been a while. I guess I’m using booze, because it’s more effective and less time consuming… and my dog is not tempted to eat it!!!!!!!! 😛

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