Cleaning the dirty house

I dreamed I was moving in a really small dirty house because the rent I’d share with the person living there was really cheap (-.-). It was the house of a poor young women with some babies. She couldn’t keep up with raising them, she looked exhausted, dirty and depressed, but the babies looked happy. Everything was dirty in the house, so I started to clean it up. Some friends came and helped me, they asked me what they could do to help, so I gave them some directions.

Fragile house
Fragile house

I asked my mother to sweep the kitchen floor. I ask SD to take care of the babies and take care of the food. Some people were cleaning the rooms upstairs. The real nasty room was the bathroom, so I personally took care of it. LW entered the bathroom and told me that she would like to help me with that. She made it look very easy and the smell went away very fast. The poor women just stood there, I thought she was in the way.

The house was clean and the shape of it seemed much better. I remembered that the front door and the lobby looked stunning, with amazing wood work and ancient granite floor. I had met an androgynous man that became my lover almost instantaneously. I took him into my house and we started to make out in the lobby and the objective was to get into my room. As we were about to open the door to the inside of the house, a man that was inside (he was a member of the family of the young woman) stared us down and started to say rude things about us having sex in HIS HOUSE. I realised my lover and I were butt naked! I felt I had no privacy and I was really angry about that.


Well, analysis time:

I have to admit, I’ve been obsessed with tidiness lately. Clean hands, clean heart, as they say in Turkey. This dream might be the explanation behind it.

So the dirty house and the tired woman are representations of both my space and I PRE-dreaming (well.. consciously dreaming). My dreamer is the one tiding up the house, because muggle-Coyote isn’t able to balance her time and her “duties”. She gave up everything nourish the babies, she doesn’t take care of herself. The babies are happy, but their environment is disgusting. There is a lack of balance.

The dreamer-Coyote enters the space with much vitality, starts to clean up the space. She uses her resources, friends are helping her. She wants to do the purification herself (cleaning the bathroom) and she got help from a powerful healer-deboner to do so.

The house becomes beautiful, clean and strong, due to the dreamer’s efforts and resourcefulness. But there is a resistance, a “protection” that prevents Dreamer-Coyote to claim the space and fully live her relationship: the man of Muggle-Coyote’s family. Muggle-Coyote has associate herself with someone judgemental and territorial that prevent Dreamer-Coyote enjoy the fruit of her efforts. Muggle-Coyote is trying not to be swiped out completely, tenacious and cunning. Stoopid fearful bitch.


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