Norse Mythology and Geo-dreaming

Norse Mythology is awesome and has brought me tons of dreaming… More I think about it, I’m pretty sure the writers of the Edda or the captors of the stories of Norse mythology were indigenous dreamers (any mythology, to be fair). I’m very, very far from being an expert on Norse mythology or geodreaming (though, you can find one here), but I believe that the land shape the kind of dreams you get. And Iceland has one hell of a scenery, and some of the most peculiar natural phenomenon in the world (like 6 months long nights, Aurora Borealis, exploding volcano with lightning and all, in a nutshell, awesome shit.)

This is a really quick thoughts and a superficial explorations, and I’m sure I’m not the first one to think about this, but this is my blog and you are still reading so shut up. Here goes.

Months fucking long night, explained by the fact that Fenrir as eaten the sun. The poor peasants, unable to grow anything in the dead of winter, are experiencing the Ragnarok, the dead of the Gods. This is a cycle, a wheel (as is everything). The night must precede the day. But this particular night was so damn unpleasant, that you just had to come up with some kind of explanation. Then the benevolent Gods awake again, letting the sun shine and life regrow.

Ragnarok by Valentina Mustarjavi
Ragnarok by Valentina Mustarjavi

That’s why I always thought Loki was an “unwelcome” in the old days. He’d come with his (brilliant) idea of a practical joke that would end up destroying a complete crop… of course that could mean life and death in those days. Nowadays, Loki has his place as an harbinger of changes [the song Wind of Change just started on YouTube], causing destruction and then rebirth. Maybe this is why he is popular today; Loki is a God of our time. Kind of an hipster god.

How will you explain that kind of epic battles?

Surtr, jötunn with the Flaming sword.
Surtr, jötunn with the Flaming Sword.


Thor kicking the shit outta Surtr.
Thor kicking the shit outta Surtr with the help of his goats

It’s not that I don’t believe in the stories of the Norse gods or that I want take away the sacredness of the scripture. I just believe that it is the human nature to want to explain what they live, what they observe (like I’m doing right now). The land and its natural occurrences influence the conceptualisation of dreaming, and that gave birth to wonders and a rich culture that lives at the heart of my life and that had and will create dreams and magic beyond our simple realm of living. Hail Yggdrasil. (can you even say that?)

[Message from Loki : Well, that was an half-assed article, at least I’m in it. Good night.] 


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