Loki says…#7

“Poor child, torn between your infinity and your ephemerality. They are one and the same. You see the beauty, you feel the horror in your veins, but you cannot go beyond your own concept of self. Constantly threaten by death, you shatter illusions one after the other, cleaning your mind but hurting your poor twisted heart. I know what darkness has done to you, stretched your features, made your face grew old.  Your eyes narrowed in the quest of capturing the most infinitesimal shiver of the silver light, the hope that would eventually slay you and put you to rest. But your eyes grew dim. And your eyes grew dark. And you are nothing but the hundred pieces of a shattered mirror, trying to reflect light in total darkness, you broken-hearted fuck.” – Loki, helping me connecting to a friend

The gift of light, too.
The gift of light, too.

12 thoughts on “Loki says…#7

      1. moonfire2012

        I don’t mean to pry, but why would He be so apathetic towards someone in pain and self conscious about their age?

      2. He knows how I learn and that I often need though love to be able to understand. I believe he adjusts his teaching to get to us. This is regarding a friend’s wound. It has nothing to do with age. I’m curious, where did you think he was implying age?

      3. moonfire2012

        The part where He talks about the eyes growing dark and dim, and the darkness making them old. And yes, He does use tough love sometimes to make us understand. So He was empathetic to your friend’s wound? I hope so, though it seems His words are callous. The people who say He’s all compliments and flattery all the time are full of it. Sure, He does, but He doesn’t sugarcoat things either. He was making fun of my hair the other day, calling me a “frizzy haired beast” and to brush my hair, lol. He was smiling while He said it though, so I couldn’t kick His ass TOO hard…;)

      4. Lol!! Got you! This friend has stayed in darkness to long. Needs to get out of there. You know? When you search into darkness but your eyes can’t adjust anymore. There is no lights you can see. Sometimes you need a slap in the face. And ehm. One of His pet name for me is Silly bitch. -.-

      5. moonfire2012

        Well I can see why He got to that point with her then. I’ve noticed He dosen’t like us dwelling on things. Just recently, He told me I needed Wunjo, which is the rune of joy and divine connection and healing, because I’ve been thinking too much about things people have done to me in the past and I need to get over it and move on. To be thankful for the good things(including His love) that I have in my life now. That my identity need not be made or broken by them. Heh, He calls me Quirkmuffin, but He’s also been in lovey dovey moods and called me sweetheart and beloved. I call Him Glitterbitch, Mr. Mister, Mr. L. (a kind of running joke/roleplay we have as Joker/Harley Quinn). He has a thing for roleplays, like Hatter/Alice, or Pan/Wendy, heh.

      6. moonfire2012

        That and He’s the sexiest God out there, but I’m just biased. Just a sidenote, He gets jealous too, if only in a lighthearted way. I was watching this guy I know doing a humorous backwards striptease and I said, “Look, he has the same black leather pants You do!” Loki chimes in and says “I look better in ’em.” Yes you do.

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