My exploration with Eihwaz (Hey-waz, Yew tree) took much less time and much less heartaches than Nauthiz, the last rune I studied. So there’s that.

Fundamentally spiritual, Eihwaz bears the concepts of center and balance on the path you have chosen. It is the middle rune of the ancient Futhark, and its shape makes me think of the mirroring effect. Two hooks, in the upper and lower worlds, the pivoting point of the Universe. A tree; the roots, deeply anchored in the ground and (yes, my friend) the branches grounded upward.


It makes me think of the notion of hollow bones in shamanism, where the shaman let the energy of both worlds flow through him of her. Picture every material things, concepts, relationships, cosmological influences, dreams, bodies, animals, philosophies, Gods… anything that exists, really, as spinning circles, every sizes, and every speed: an unstable field of chaos , upward, downward, on your left, your right… as far as the eyes can see. More or less blind, we joyfully jump both feet into it, and without realizing it, our emotions, our thoughts, our reactions to the environment is greatly influenced by this intricate set of spinning wheels. And they spin in every directions, if you are not aware of it you might get caught in circles that aren’t yours. You need to be aware of this concept to be able to stand your own ground.

The shaman is the link that lives in stillness, never getting caught in one or the other circles. Energy flows through their hollow bones, connecting and balancing the different circles that they encounters. Masters of detachment. Teach me, sensei.

I think this is pretty normal that I am exploring Eihwaz as I am experimenting the mystery of balance. It is a question of being able to be inside and outside your own self, without emphasizing on one or the other world. In balance, you simply are. You’re aware of both “worlds”, the spiritual and physical, up and down, the inside and the outside.

The external elements should be influencing your inner world, but only up to a point. For example: you met the partner of your dream but instead of accepting it for what it is, you choke your feelings entirely. The external element uproot yourself, and you are caught it an inner circle. OR. You get a cute lover and you start losing yourself and your path entirely in the process. The external element shrinks your branches and you are caught in an outer circle.

I believe it is the same with internal wheels. Let’s say you find your spiritual path and you are so obsessed with it that you give little to no importance to any other aspects of life (say, WORKING TO PAY YOUR BILLS). You are pull upward, you are not grounded, therefore caught in an “upper” world (or what I like to call #upperworldproblems). OR. You try to find your spiritual path but your western education and way of living is telling you that spirituality is in no way as important as paying your bills (and then you remains unhappy for the rest of your life, but its ok because you have Netflix and a house on the fucken suburb). Your sadness is the manifestation of being caught in a lower world circle. Not that you care.

(Oh and just like that, I realised I spoke of the black and red road on the medicine wheel, not bad Dr. Impertinent)

There is only you that give a sense of realness to you what you experience. You are the tool that balances the spinning wheels from the upper and lower worlds. The point it’s not let yourself be caught in either. If you are, it’s probably because you need to learn something, you are learning to recognize that something needs balancing. Each circles that interconnect through you must nourish one another and yourself. When you have nothing obstructing your inside, when you are in stillness that is when you realised the beauty and wonders of this messy chaos that is called consciousness.



4 thoughts on “Eihwaz – BALANCE, CENTER and DETACHEMENT

  1. As Eihwaz is my rune – and to be honest, I was told to study it for *years* – I find your insights into this complex rune both inspiring and unique.
    Thank you for sharing this most amazing post.

    1. I’m glad you liked it. The integration of this rune for me was almost instantaneous, I had be working on BALANCE for a while and for me it is the very embodiment of it. I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts on it though! Do you share it on your blog? 😀

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