Epic Post Apocalyptic War Dream

I’m in the basement of my parents’ house and I am trying to transplant my plants from a weird basin full of a watery substance to their pots. My sister is trying to tell me what to do and she is being super bossy and bitchy. I’m having a hard time concentrating on my task, a lot of people are coming and going, interrupting me, trying to tell me how to do. I get angry and people are telling me to calm down, with concern looks on their faces.

The space changes, I am at the doctor and he is doing a weird test on me, leaving dots of lights in the air. He tells me: “If you see dots, that means you are crazy!” He understands from the look on my face that I see them. He calls a nurse to guide me to where I’m suppose to go, since I’m “crazy”. She is a little girl, no more than 5 years old. She takes me by the hand and guides me. I feel this is ridiculous, I tell her that I’m fine, and I take the lead, through the door. She let me pass through the spinning door.

Post Apocalypse Setting! (Fallout 3 !!)
Post Apocalypse Setting! (Fallout 3 !!)

Outside I met a woman and two of her daughters. She has lost the rest of her family to the war that ravaged the world. She is asking me if I know where they could find a place to sleep, and I can’t think of any, we separate. I meet a childhood friend, and he tells me I can spend the night in the safety of his gang’ fort. I realize a lot of my old friends are still alive but they are all bummed out by the war and the losses they suffered. I’m looking for one friend in particular but I can only find her thing. I find my old necklace with a key on it, I put it on and go to sleep. I realized there would have been enough places to sleep for the women and her two girls.

I decided to form (or to join?) a group of warriors to be able to leave the rundown city. For some reason, I have a RED DRAGON under my command, it is still young but it is pretty strong. We encounter other group that also have dragons, but most of them are shy, too young or too stupid. (I understand it’s a new era for dragons, like their second awakening, so pretty much all dragons are noobs.) We attack other groups as we make our way. We are ruthless; the strong one chose to follow us and the weak one, we kill. We gather a pretty big pack of warriors.

Teenage red dragon!
Teenage red dragon!

We are trying to get to the only “safe city”. As we make our way, a group of giant attacked us, we went to safety for a while. But they found us, circled us and are ready to annihilate us. Luckily (or not), I had set up a trap to kill the giants. It was like poisoned snow, like cotton balls falling from the sky only in the area of the giants. As they realize the trick and that they are going to die from poisoning anyway, they are coming at us without mercy, killing most of our group.  My son is killed by the giants. As they all lay down, dead or dying, I hear a giant saying: ” I can’t believe I’ll be laying here for eternity surrounded by the bodies of lowly humans!”

We are on the outskirt of the safe city, there is only 5-6 of us. (For some reason, I’m having awesome dirty sex with a guy in an abandoned hospital.) The officials of the safe city open the gates for our group. They also have a dragon, a white one, bigger and older than mine. There is a parade in our honor downtown, which look a lot like a circus. We realize soon that the safe city is nothing but illusions. The dragons are just a game of lights. As we are walked through the circus, I realize that there is going to be an attack. The officials doesn’t listen to me, they are waving at the cameras. I look at the sky, refusing to walk on the levitating platform and a huge ball of fire strikes it, leaving the “safe city”, the last stronghold of the human in a terrible state of chaos.

One of my friend had went to the platform. He is begging me to kill him.

I woke up.

I’m like, what.


5 thoughts on “Epic Post Apocalyptic War Dream

  1. moonfire2012

    That is an amazing experience! Like something from both the Dragonriders of Pern and Divergent. There’s a lot of us having those types of dreams. I was also in a battle with giants, back in 2006 where I was a fairy with only a dagger trying to come at this huge 30 foot monster of a man who walked over a valley. I had to strike him between the eyes and I did. He didn’t fall but he stopped advancing. There were rainbow lights everywhere too. Every time one of the colors would flash, me or somebody around me would have to fight someone. It was crazy. And the rest of your dream, I’ve had hospital nightmares too where these crazy doctors would try to experiment on and/or imprison me. I bet the guy you had sex with was Loki. He likes to sneak in those drive-bys, lol.

  2. I KNOW it was him now. He likes to shapeshift a lot. 🙂 Dreaming is my main exploration tool for my spiritual path. To communicate with Loki I use dream, clearaudience and vision quest.

    Love one of your dream as well, I almost feel I connected to it personnally… the one with the elevator.

    1. moonfire2012

      I can’t remember which elevator dream that was now, among the other themes. I’ve had so many. The worst one was years ago where I fell through an abandoned elevator shaft and fell 60 floors! I can’t believe I didn’t die of a heart attack.

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