The Ball of Cards

I am attending a weird ball that night and I have to get ready. There is a very ugly and nasty man in my car, it’s Loki in disguised, I know he is planning to test me. There is a snow storm outside and he poking me with a tattoo needle. Each time he pokes me, I jerk the wheel. I realize I am in a country where you have to drive on the right side. Once I realize it, he stops poking me with the needle.

I arrive at the beauty salon where I am supposed to get dress for the ball, I get dress and a man does my makeup. The tattoo session starts, it’s on my ribs where Loki was poking me, it’s a very complicated, abstract design with dots, like a star map. Soldiers burst in the room, they are trying to get to me. I can’t see them very well, they are a transparent. There was two men guarding me. They defeat all the soldiers.ace of spade

At the ball, each “person of interest” is a card. I know Loki is Ace of Spade and Thor is 8 of Hearts. I see Odin addressing his guests, he is King of Clover. During the speech Loki pokes me with a tattoo needle, I get very angry, I snatch it from his hand and give it to Thor. I scream: “Now, that’s enough!” People laugh. The dream space switch. I can’t remember the rest.


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