Tornado Magic

The dream starts on a cliff in the desert. I’m in my crow outfit. Black holster hat and black fur on the shoulders, long black layers and cowboys boots! There is a black door going inside the mountain. I look at the valley below, I see a long tornado travelling. I’m not in danger. I go through the black door into the mountains.

I arrive in a cave with diamonds in the wall, they reflect light into the cave, and there is an underground access to the lake. I feel someone is there with me, I feel my ankle tingle (the one where the silver fox is tattooed). A blue being appeared, it’s Loki in his frost giant’s form. He had six little black spots on his forehead, a long crooked nose and dark eyes. I’m a scared. He smiled at me with kindness and opened his hand before me. In his palm was dancing a little tornado, I opened my palm and he transferred it to me.


At the centre of a cave there was two seats and a table with an axe on it. We sat face to face and he made the axe levitate and stand up straight with the help of the little tornadoes in his palms. The axe almost landed on my face so I put my hands up and balanced the axe my own tornado. We laughed and played the game for a little while. This part is a bit blurry, can’t remember how the game ended. I suspected he was cheating.

I stand up and went to the shore of the lake. I dived and swim out of the cave. There was a small simple fishing boat in what seems the ocean. I went on it. The sea was rocking hard. I was sending blast of air through my palms. I ask “who’s there?” I see a huge orca trying to swallow the boat, but before he could, a blue whale crashed into it and took him away, under water. The ocean became more and more agitated. I don’t know what to do. I hear a chuckled.

The dream shifted, I’m back on the edge of the cliff in the desert. Loki was the one laughing. He’s not blue anymore. We are watching the tornado that is still far away for a while. He puts his arm around my shoulder and whispered in my ear: “Why don’t you find us something to eat now?”


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