Binding of Loki

The first part of this dream happened on my second dream journey narrated by G.

“I was on a motorcycle, it was the first time I ever met the silver fox, he was anchored on my head. We had to choose between the right side (jungle) and left side (snowy house in the wood). I took left to the house. As I was about to step in, I saw a white wolf staring at me intensely, I got scared and left on the motorcycle. I stopped by a frozen lake. I felt something was trapped here. I uncovered the surface; under the ice was laying a man in his armour in a mask with horn, trapped forever, under the land he loved so much.” SEE : THE MASK.

The next time we saw each other, G brought me a photo of a Loki (well, of Tom Hiddleston, actor who plays Loki in the Thor movies, but I didn’t know this at the time). I was repulsed by the photo, I though the man looked vicious, broken and full of nightmares. G told me to keep it for a while and if I really didn’t want it, he would take it back. And that I what basically happened.G gave me another photo of Loki at the end of the first power hunt. I took it this time; a bit to please G, a bit because I was acknowledging the fact that Loki had something to do with the power hunt. What was not obvious to me at the time was that Loki’s medicine, the trickster medicine was very strong within me. I wasn’t ready to see it.

So it stayed under for a while.

RP and I have a strangely strong connection. Last time she dreamt of me, I was Loki. At this time, I’m much more aware of my trickster energy and it unfolds a lot of events in the dreaming and the waking life as well.

I thought of the first photo G gave me. I googled it and I when I understood that the photo was an imprisoned Loki, I decided I wanted it back. My dreamer saw Loki imprisoned by ice. I decided I wanted him back too.


I’m on the motorcycle with the silver fox around my neck, on the long road slicing the snowy forest in two. I ride until I see the same snowy house to my left.

Once again the white wolf it there, waiting, staring. I go to her. She gave me her paw, a glass fragment is stuck in there. I carefully take it out. It shines a pure white light. She tells me to keep it, that I would need it. She stays at her spot, watching me with her dark eyes.

I look inside the house. It is full of Norse men having a fest; they are drunk and potentially dangerous. I can’t possibly go in. The silver fox fly off my shoulder and shape shifts into a shadow on the wall. He travels along the wall and he finds the staircase to the basement.

Downstairs is an entrance to the frozen lake. A lady is guarding the gate, she seems very bored and do not see the silver fox’s shadow slip into the lake and transform himself into a seaweed. Flowing around in the cold water, the seaweed finally finds the man floating unconsciously under the ice. He wrapped himself around is ankle.

I hit the surface of the lake lightly; it doesn’t take more for Loki to spring right up in the air, making ice and cold water fly out. Seaweed wrapped itself around my ankle too.

“Good girl. Now free me from this chain, too.”

“Yeah, no. You’re coming with me, now.”

He comes back to the surface. He tried to break the chain linking us, but he can’t. He says he’s considering to kill me, but that he thinks that if I died he’d died too. Only the shard of light can cut the tie. He knows I have it.

Boom, we fly up the stars. We stand on nothingness, millions of stars and purple clusters shining bright in the pitch black skies. He kneels in front of me, pleading for his freedom with all sorts of lies and half-truths. After a while, he says he’s ready to marry me. I run my finger through his hair and pull his head close to my thighs. He disrobes me and he uses his silver tongue on me. That was one weird wedding kiss.

I open my eyes and I’m on earth again. I can feel my ankle still attached to Loki’s but I can’t see him.


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