My vacation in the South

That’s right, I’m finally on vacation! I’m not very much more south than my usual position, I might even be further north. But when we talk about vacations, we often think of going South, with palm trees, sandy beaches and warm weathers… And la dolce fariente!

That’s a bit ironic though, vacations in the South – talking from a Medicine Wheel point of view. For me, the South is about work. It’s about doing things, be in your power. I love the South, I think it’s the place I prefer to sit when I’m at circles.

I recently started a band with my good friend B. I always wanted to work with him, he is a musical genius, even though he hates when I say that. He says, “I do not think about what I play, I just play and miracles occur… 1 out of a 100 times!”(or more). He can’t really put words on it, he says, he just plays and knows what to do next, he knows what people want to hear.


It got me thinking. When he plays, B is in a position of power. Music is his tool, and he wields it with ease, a combinaison of endless hours of practice and raw talent. He’s working himself to fit the tool. He won’t give up, he devotes all his time to it. Impeccability. He is (or trend to be) impeccable with the energy he puts in his work. Not spreading it all over the place, on what or who ever. He aims for what he wants, and he strikes. Efficient and clean. For me, that’s the very definition of a balanced warrior. (I recently discovered that I have warrior as one of my role, maybe that’s why we get along so well, B and I.)

I manage my energy exactly the opposite way. I spread it all over the place. New passion every other week! I have mastered no tool, I have wielded them all. But in a messy way I guess! It’d be difficult for me to CHOOSE one to which I’ll dedicate my life, but I think it’s getting clearer. The idea that it is possible and that some people do it, is very appealing! At least I greatly value the idea and admire people that work with a tireless determination to be able to bend their tool of trades to their will. I wish to be more devoted to my writing, songs and novels. I wish to concentrate my energy, be able to achieve something that I love and that I am proud of.


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