The Mask

PIVOTAL DREAM FROM JUNE 4TH 2013. Linked to the Binding of Loki.

So, I find myself in a snowy forest, on a rock surface. I notice this little shoeless school girl, her head resting on her desk, with her eyes closed. Silver blood is bleeding upward from her head. Even though she is sleeping, her lazy finger is pointing to a path of large shingles going upward on the hillside.

Before I start to walk there, I take a quick look at my hands; they are bluish and furry but human-like. As I am heading towards the road, I feel a light pounding on my forehead. A small flying silver fox was sitting on my head. He had a nervous high-pitched squeal, as if he was commending me to walk faster. When we climbed the stepped hill, a deep black asphalt road laid in front of us. I heard from the distance, the sound of a motorcycle, heading out way. But I had other kind of concerns, as the silver fox was pounding more and more on my head, obstructing my horizon. The man passed by us in a flash and I had no time to see who he was. I only saw the long wooden African mask he wore on his face.


For some reason, that made me think of the giant wooden Ferris wheel back in Japan. That was the prettiest thing I ever saw of all my young life. I had a hard time keeping my bright pink kimono from slipping off of my shoulders; the silver fox was trying to get in there. He was afraid of all these people wearing red demon masks. At least tree was passing right by me, and stared straight into my eyes, but I couldn’t see theirs. I felt everybody was afraid of them, but I was very quiet, gazing deeply into the violet night and the paper lanterns hanging form the big Ferris wheel.


The road was unfolding at great speed in front of me, the light of the afternoon sun reflecting on the pure white snow. The silver fox was hanging on thigh to my motorcycle helmet.


All of a sudden, I saw a old wooden house at my left, and I felt like stopping by. I thought there was maybe a fire, that would warm us up a little. I was about to stop and enter the house when I saw this immaculate white wolf with dark black eyes just by the door watching me closely. I changed my mind, I didn’t wanted to face the wolf, so I kept on racing on my motorbike, leaning on it, trying to fight against the freezing winds.

I ended up on a frozen lake, covered in snow, I ran there with great haste and started to remove the snow. Someone was buried there. Something was trapped. Through the deformations of the thick ice, I saw a man in his armour resting peacefully, a long mask with horns hiding his face, trapped forever under the ice of this land he loved so much.


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