The silver river

Drops were falling from great heights. I could see them in the dark, swirling down to what seems a bottomless pit.

When I opened my eyes, I was looking at the whales from an icy beach.

(The coyote was running in the desert, not that it matters.)
On of them came really close to the beach and took me on her back. “We’ll take a trip to the silver river” she said. We fused together, we were a long, beautiful, seductive women with white-silverish hair. We were moving slowly, like the ancient pulsation of the earth, flowing like the endless movements of the waves. We went walking with a langourous monotony in to a large a vertical cave, or a mine. A million of tiny creatures were carving out the walls of the pit, with pickaxes, without stopping to take a breath.

When one of them extracted a diamond from the wall, he immediately swallowed it whole, and like osmosis, 10 little dwarfs would appear from him. They would immediatly start carving out. We could feel it in our body. They were carving out my innerself relentlessly. As we spiraled down, I noticed the silver river was almost dryed out.

A part of me was sad.

A part of me was angry, and demanded revenge.

The long seductive woman opened her mouth and start swallowing the clones, one by one. Her breath was so powerful and destructive that the dwarfs were flying around, smashing their skulls against the walls. Some of them threw themselves at the bottom of the pit. The breath took them anyway.

As the silence took over, the silver river started to flow back in, filling up all the cave, washing, healing the carved out depleted walls, resplendishing its essence.

Only after that, the whale took me for a swim in the silver river.



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