Warrior (part I)

It started really quietly in an oasis in an American desert. The small bluish pound lay in a niche under a pile of rocks that could still let the light shine in. I felt it was my home, a perfect hide-out from the sun, but also from the shadows lurking around in the desert at night.

I knew their hour would come, so I waited carefully at the entrance of my place. I held the long blade I was given by the princess of the African tribe that I visited sometime ago. It felt thicker, rougher, more to my liking, like it was a part of me too.

The sky turned from a bright blue to a greyish purple and from the horizon, the shadows were rising, reuniting, moving fast towards one another, until they occupied the whole desert area, like a black liquid floating above the discoloured sand.

Then I rose.

I rush towards the shadowy mass, slashing everything that would move around me. The long mask, the thin blade and the white cloak were like parts of my body and we were slashing up shadows at an amazing rate, but still they would come again, and surround me. I needed to go faster.

A greyish horse raced from the horizon passing through the shadow like it was nothing. He came up to me but barely stop, I had to jump on his back. The horse rode fiercely deep into the desert as I cut in half the shadows that was tailing us. At one point, we were going to fast for any of them to catch up.

That’s when I saw the train moving on the sand, without rails to guide it. The horse caught up to it, and I jump on the steam machine, and wave to my grey friend. I made my way inside the train as we were taking a shaky bridge. I was walking from wagon to wagon to reach the locomotive. People didn’t seem to notice me, as if I was see-through or of no importance at all. As I was about to enter the control machine, the train stopped, because it was stuck in the lianas of a virgin jungle. I went outside to explore a bit, and got at the top of a pyramid like mountain.

I felt I was late.

Then a giant hand of light rose from the belly of the mountain took me up into the sky and threw me in the middle of the jungle where I landed in a small tribe of dancing fox. They called me “warrior” as they invited me to sit beside the fire,


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